Eco Comedy April 13, 2016

Howdy folks! How in sam heck are ya?

I woke up today feeling like a man with a plan.

I just hoped this one worked better than the last plan:

We all remember how that affected my reputation..

My friends were like:

So I decided to hatch another plan..

and had a bite to eat

Had some coffee

High fived my cat

worked on the life plan

and then I decided to myself pretty

I mean, real pretty

and then I got on my bike

went to the gym to work the pelvis

and the glutes

And then with a little more pelvis work, I felt realllll good about life


So what is this plan you ask??  Ever since the Climate Change Conference at Loyola I’ve been thinking about how to integrate nature into people’s lives more, because that is a crucial ingredient for getting people to care about the environment more.  And to maintain suspense, I’ll leave it at that. If you have ideas on how you think this should be done, please leave comments below.

Go team Earth!

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