Eco Comedy Cats

Eco + Comedy + Cats = Bliss

Comedy is one of my favorite vehicles of communication.  People pay attention when they’re enjoying themselves.  

As a teacher I say I put the ‘disco’ in ‘discovery’:

DiscoHeadshotAs an environmentalist I’ve heard I put the ‘mental’ in ‘environmental’; the disco ball I turned into an Earth confirms these statements:



And I love cats.  This is my Carlitos as a baby:

carlitos kitten

So if you’re into any or all of those things, get excited.


Do you work too hard? It’s become the thing to do in ‘merica.   This is what you look like:

And in moderation, that’s a good thing; we should all have a purpose:

The problem with working TOO hard is that you become 1 dimensional (“boring”);

people end up spending their weekends at a bar or without any positive impact or thought for the world, or others.  (Believe me, I’m an expert in the field.)

And since I’m the Fun Captain (at least in my mind) who’s also spent a significant amount of the past 7 years volunteering and researching green activities in Chicago that are also fun, I put together this list that I think you’ll enjoy of fun green activities:

1. Nature on Tap at the Nature Museum in Lincoln Park is a terrific adult-themed environmental activitt. Stroll through exhibits with craft beer or glass of wine. Enter the trivia competition or play board games while you listen to live music. Meet resident animals at a live critter connection. Get a mammal’s number.  It happens once a month and it’s super fun – check it out.

2. Weiss Hospital has a rooftop garden open to the public for walking around and to grow your own food.  They even have chickens that are quite chatty. Can you imagine how cool you’ll be when people are like, “Where’d you get that basil?” and you’re like, “Oh this ole thing? I just GREW IT MYSELF ON THE ROOF.”  Boo-ya! Insta-dinner party win.

3. KidsFest is free fun for the family March 6, 10am – 2pm, and includes a chance to sing Happy Birthday to George the Parrot at the Oak Park Conservatory. Who doesn’t love parrot parties?? No one, that’s who.  The Conservatory has wonderful community conservation activities.

4. OpenLands offers FREE trees to Chicagoans who want to organize a group of friends and plant trees in their neighborhood.   Submit the application, round up some friends and have fun!  You’ll be the coolest cat around as the Head Tree Planter of your block.

I did the tree planter summer event and it was a terrific way to meet my neighbors, beautify my hood and reduce my carbon footprint.

You’ll be the coolest cat in the kitty condo with activities like these.

So before your wife leaves you:

why not put away the computer

duck out of the office

fight that traffic

make yourself pretty

and go do something meaningful — and FUN!

I mean REALLY fun.

Move those legs!

I promise you’ll feel this good:

The weekend approaches!