Eco Comedy


So there I was working my tail off in the office.

I was catching up on work after being out of town for work the week before.  You know how that goes.  It’s the un-fun part of work.  I stared at the clock hoping for the day to finish.  

I mean, it was really boring.

Meanwhile, all the other cats were just minding their own business.

And I pondered my situation, wondering how on earth I’d be able to get my work done AND save the world at the same time.  It didn’t seem possible.

And then… it hit me!


I’ll write comedy to save the planet!

I mean, I was seriously EXCITED!

I told several of my friends excitedly.  I got several different reactions.


Some thought it might be funny.  Maybe.

Some were plain skeptical.

My friend Nette flipped her perfect hair.

Some friends were blunt.

One entered a comatose state.

One got upset!

One friend was thrilled

And eventually I decided it didn’t really matter what other people thought… I needed to do this.  So get ready world! Because I have my act together and I’m going to leave all those doubts and skepticism in the dust.

Are ya ready boots?





Tues Feb 2, 2016:

‘evenin world.  Today was a sad day.

Not quite this sad


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