Why Juice?

Juicing revolutionized me.  The main reasons I juice are:

  • Health: how else can you get adequate veggies & fruits in a day?  Juicing can beat cancer, keep you medication free, and it’s the perfect start to your day.
  • Taste.  It’s delicious! (I’d like a one-way ticket to YumTown please.)
  • I feel great!  I feel healthier than I ever have (at age 40).
  • Looks. It’s great for your hair, skin, eyes, and waistline.
  • Budget. In addition to getting most of your nutrients from budget-friendly items like wholesale organic produce (Stanley’s is my favorite in Chicago), you can reuse the pulp in things like veggie burgers, soups, muffins, etc.  My favorites:
    • Turkey burgers: mix the pulp with ground turkey, add some cheese and wha-BAM, you have healthier turkey burgers
    • Swedish pancakes: I usually segment the pulp into two sorts of bags: sweet & non-sweet.  The sweeter pulp – from mixtures involving more fruits – is great to mix into sweeter things like muffins & pancakes.  The more vegetal pulp is great for adding to pasta, eggs, stir frys and dog treats.
    • For more ideas, this article has a ton of other great ideas on what to do with leftover juice pulp.

This article has great tips on how to reuse food in general, which is a related topic.

Where to learn more

This is a great place for beginner juicers:


How I started:

I started juicing when I stumbled across a juicer at a yard sale.  It was an Omega 1000 juicer worth $180 going for $30.  I had just bought 6 pairs of wacky sunglasses for 50 cents each at a yard sale down the street and the gentleman selling the juicer wanted two of them.  I offered him two pairs of sunglasses and whatever was in my pocket — which was $7 – for the juicer.  And for a whopping $8, my life changed.

I juice right when I wake up.  Here is what my breakfast looked like today before I juiced it:

juicing produce

Hello Kitty is says “heyyyy” from behind the Jack Lalane Juicer:

I highly encourage looking for a juicer that someone isn’t using — there are many lying around the world collecting dust.  I have since upgraded to the Jack Lalane juicer, which is more industrial, faster and easier to clean than the Omega. I got it on Craigslist for $50.  I highly recommend.