Let me be clear: this world is fucked up.

Meditation calms and focuses me. It allows me to exist in this chaos without massive pharmaceuticals and unhappiness.

I follow a basic process that consists of 2-15 minutes (usually 5 mins) that goes like this:

  • Stretch. Open my body and mind to the universe.
  • Breathe. Do 5-10 sun salutations. Focus my attention on breath, not issues.
  • Reach up; channel the power of the life force from above; perceive the expansiveness and enormity of the universe; this puts me and my problems in perspective and reduces anxiety.
  • Express gratitude for the earth, my blessings and this gift of life. Today is a gift. Gratitude is a healthy emotion and sentiment. My lessons are opportunities to grow. My ability to show gratitude is a gift. This moment is important.
  • Reach down into the Earth, ground myself and gather strength. Breathe.
  • Slowly, with all my intention and might, I raise up my arms, ask/command that the human race gets up and DOES something. WE NEED A REVOLUTION! Each and every one of us must make Earth a priority. We must take care of it for ourselves and for our fellow creatures.
  • “Get up people! Make it so! We need your help!”

Why you may ask?

This is why:

human population explosion

If we ALL don’t prioritize the Earth, we are ALL doomed.

I close with some deep breaths, a calmer mind and a stronger resolve to make a difference.


Here’s a snippet of me meditating: